We work as a team with our bands and artists to provide everything that it takes to achieve a national band level and cultivate hundreds of fans rushing their booth at any show, anywhere. This includes image branding, target marketing, social media, songwriting, live performance, proper booking tools, business and financial practices, building a financial infrastructure to generate the funds needed to achieve a music career and time management.

The most important service is to ensure that artists have enough funding to operate at a national level, and this is where our unique third source of income model plays a crucial role. We work with each artist to increase their monthly income and stabilize it, so they can afford to jump from local to regional, then national level.

We are looking for the best songwriting artists across the U.S. Not necessarily those who have the highest social media numbers or even the best performance groups. We seek songwriting skills, because that translates into longevity. They will always possess the talent to write another “hit” song.

We do not accept unsolicited music. If you truly believe in your songwriting talent, and wish to submit your band or yourself for consideration, contact one of our talent scouts at