Green Kite Entertainment LLC is made up of 2 Divisions, whose prime purpose is
the education and support of our artists to develop them into professional national
touring bands, and prepare them for major or indie record label signings or
professional management companies.

The Green Kite A&R Division is represented by our Artist Development Department,
which is comprised of our Mentorship Program. Its main focus is to guide
up-and-coming artists through their music careers, both musically and financially;
and then, promote these artists to major/indie record labels and management companies.

The second division is our Charity Division, which helps raise the financial support our
artists need to tour and elevate themselves to a higher level. It includes such
fundraisers as Rock the Quad, Rock the Campus College Charity Tour,
Van’s Warped Tour, Rock the Campus High School Tour, Midwest Festival Tour,
Variety Talent Show and more

This division also hosts our educational seminar and workshops where major
industry notables give lasting advice and networking guidance and
opportunities to local artists about the music profession and how to prepare
in order to succeed.

Green Kite Records is our DBA which houses both Divisions.