About Our Internship Program

Green Kite Records is seeking Interns who are truly passionate about the music industry. They will gain
valuable experience working within our busy environment, as well as provide hands-on assistance with
professional projects, which will look “very good on the resume”!

This is an unpaid position. Interns are required to work a minimum of 8 hours per week. College credit is
available. A few interns, who prove themselves of value, may be hired on staff, as we continue to grow. Our
Intern term is 8 months, as it takes this long to be properly trained and to execute tasks proficiently.
Our interns must be dependable, creative self-starters and team players. Be able to think on their feet,
communicate extremely well and have initiative to solve problems and the diligence to follow through on
tasks to successful results.

Interns operate remotely from their homes throughout the US. All interns must have regular access to the
internet and knowledge of how to operate within it.
If interested in applying, please answer the following questions and email your resume to

1.    Who are two of your favorite musicians?
2.    What and when are the last two concerts you went to?
3.    What hours/days are you available?


Our goal for the interns who work within our program is to train them to the highest levels possible with
interactive tasks and responsibilities, starting with the most simple basics, so they can eventually work their
way up to entry level positions and beyond in the real-world music industry careers. We focus on developing
and improving soft skills, because these are the major requirements of most employers. This includes
Communication, Proactivity, Follow-Through, Results-Oriented, Attentive to Details, Time Management,
Project Ownership and much more.

Through this endeavor of training our interns to become elite professionals, we plan to one day to have our
former interns in every corner of the music industry, thereby carrying our name and relationship to wherever
they go in the future. The better we train these aspiring executives, the higher they will go within the industry,
and the faster we will have the networking community we need to help our artists achieve greater heights.


Those interns whom we choose to participate in our internship program have been specially selected after a
thorough interviewing process, where they must show their capabilities and dedication to learn and compete
within the music industry.

If you have any questions or wish to apply for an internship at GKR, email contact@greenkiterecords.com or